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Holbein Artists' Gouache is the industry standard in water-based, opaque artist colors. The buttery smooth paint body is strongly pigmented with bright, bold color. When applied thickly, it's extremely opaque, even over dark colors. Because it's more direct and requires less complex layering than watercolor, gouache is the sketching medium preferred by many artists and art schools.

This set of twelve full-size (15 mL) tubes is a complete set of Holbein gouache for the artist who wants quick access to the whole color wheel. It makes a wonderful gift because the tubes are large enough to use for many paintings and the range of colors needs no augmentation. The colors included are Carmine, Flame Red, Permanent Yellow Deep, Lemon Yellow, Permanent Green Light, Permanent Green Deep, Turquoise Blue, Ultramarine Blue Deep, Violet, Burnt Sienna, Ivory Black, and Permanent White. Made in Japan.

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