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Holbein Artists' Oil Colors are among the finest oil paints in the world. They stand out for their color saturation and clarity, which make painting so much more exciting and immediate. It's easy to mix high-chroma colors, but you're going to be tempted to use a lot of these colors right out of the tube. The opaque colors are powerful and bright, and the transparent colors almost look lit from behind when applied to canvas.

Holbein Oil Colors also have a distinctive, super-smooth texture. Unlike many brands of oil colors that require heavy modification with mediums and thinners, Holbein oils are buttery soft and can be used straight if desired. That quality allows you to achieve a color intensity that's impossible with paint that has to be diluted with colorless medium.

These 40 mL tubes are just a little bit larger than the 37 mL tubes used by other manufacturers. Made in Japan.

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