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Holbein Artists' Watercolor Half Pans, #581 Cobalt Violet Light


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Holbein's vibrant watercolor half pans come in a thoughtfully selected range of 48 colors, with a contemporary sensibility and a unique emphasis on chroma (color intensity). Click a color below to browse, or check out the Product Description tab to learn more about these outstanding Japanese watercolors.

#501 Permanent Alizarin Crimson
#502 Carmine
#503 Opera
#504 Cadmium Red Light
#505 Cadmium Red Deep
#506 Vermilion Hue
#507 Pyrrole Red
#508 Naphthol Red
#521 Brilliant Orange
#522 Jaune Brilliant
#523 Lemon Yellow
#524 Imidazolone Yellow
#525 Yellow Ochre
#526 Naples Yellow
#527 Cadmium Yellow Lemon
#528 Cadmium Yellow Deep
#529 Indian Yellow
#541 Leaf Green
#542 Bamboo Green
#543 Viridian Hue
#544 Emerald Green Nova
#545 Cadmium Green Pale
#546 Olive Green
#547 Sap Green
#548 Shadow Green
#561 Cobalt Blue Pale
#562 Marine Blue
#563 Cerulean Blue
#564 Phthalo Blue
#565 Ultramarine Light
#566 Ultramarine Deep
#567 Cobalt Turquoise
#568 Prussian Blue
#569 Royal Blue
#581 Cobalt Violet Light
#582 Dioxazine Violet
#583 Quinacridone Magenta
#591 Raw Umber
#592 Raw Sienna
#593 Burnt Umber
#594 Burnt Sienna
#595 Indian Red
#596 Sepia
#597 Imidazolone Brown
#611 Peach Black
#612 Ivory Black
#621 Payne's Grey
#631 Chinese White


Build your own set! Order 8 or more of these gorgeous watercolor pans and we'll include a 12-slot enameled metal tin (normally $14.95) for free. For orders with more than 12 colors, we'll include a 24 or 48 slot tin instead. No code needed. We'll automatically add the free tin.

There's a great debate among watercolorists: pan or tube? Tube colors are usually thought to be brighter and more concentrated, but that isn't always the case. Holbein Artists' Watercolor half pans are, in fact, more concentrated than Holbein tubes, because they are made by allowing the wet form of the color to dry. Most of the water evaporates, leaving more concentrated pigment and medium behind in the pan.

You'll notice right away that Holbein pans seem to glow when water is applied (as you can see in our third photo.) Their superior transparency and color intensity continues to impress as you start to mix and apply paint to paper. Holbein's bright colors are the absolute brightest we have seen, and their muted colors and earth tones are subtle and well-chosen.

These colors are very well suited to mixing because they don't get muddy easily, and there are many excellent primaries to choose from, whether you use the Red/Yellow/Blue or Cyan/Magenta/Yellow mixing system. Try adding alternate primaries to your set, like Opera or Carmine instead of plain red or Indian Yellow instead of plain yellow.

Holbein colors are made to the highest standards in Japan.



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Holbein Artists' Watercolor Half Pans, #581 Cobalt Violet Light

Holbein Artists' Watercolor Half Pans, #581 Cobalt Violet Light