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This 4" x 6" card features re-wettable sample dots of Holbein's top 12 bestselling Artists' Watercolors in open stock tubes. We absolutely love the selection of colors here, highlighting the bright and unique pigments that Holbein is known for. Opera has always been our #1 best-seller in Holbein colors, and Quinacridone Gold is the personal favorite of our product director.

Simply scrub the dots with a wet brush to use the paint, just like a watercolor pan. There's enough color here to paint a few postcard landscapes, or you can use it with your existing colors to see how they mix with Holbein's best.

Made in Japan.

About Holbein:

Established in Osaka in 1900, Holbein has been Japan's premier manufacturer and distributor of art materials for more than a hundred years. In the early twentieth century, Holbein brought numerous art materials to Japan for the first time, including those items (like paints, canvas, and metal clips) that the small company manufactured under its own name. Other supplies were made available through Holbein's friendly ties with European manufacturers like Schmincke and Winsor & Newton.

Today, Holbein remains the most important supplier of art materials to the Japanese market, but they've also developed a global reputation as a top-tier color house, with a wide range of artists' products suitable for the most demanding professionals. Holbein has always emphasized technical excellence, purity of color, and bold, modern design, and these values shine through in every tube and box of Holbein color.

Holbein products are made in Osaka with superior materials and careful quality control. Browse our full selection from the chroma specialists at Holbein.

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