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Holbein Artists' Watercolors, half pans


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Build your own set! Order 8 or more of these gorgeous watercolor pans and we'll include a 12-slot enameled metal tin (normally $14.95) for free. Add the tin to your cart and enter promo code FREETIN at checkout.

There's a great debate among watercolorists: pan or tube? Tube colors are usually thought to be brighter and more concentrated, but that isn't always the case. Holbein Artists' Watercolor half pans are, in fact, more concentrated than Holbein tubes, because they are made by allowing the wet form of the color to dry. Most of the water evaporates, leaving more concentrated pigment and medium behind in the pan.

You'll notice right away that Holbein pans seem to glow when water is applied (you can see this in the second image of this product listing.) Their superior transparency and color intensity continues to impress as you start to mix and apply paint to paper. Holbein's bright colors are the absolute brightest we have seen, and their muted colors and earth tones are subtle and well-chosen.

These colors are very well suited to mixing because they don't get muddy easily, and there are many excellent primaries to choose from, whether you use the Red/Yellow/Blue or Cyan/Magenta/Yellow mixing system. Try adding alternate primaries to your set, like Opera or Carmine instead of plain red or Indian Yellow instead of plain yellow.

Holbein colors are made to the highest standards in Japan.