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Heavy Body Artist Acrylic, Luminous Colors Set


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We're proud to carry the full range of Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylic, a buttery smooth, maximally pigmented acrylic from our favorite color manufacturer in the world. In our tests, Holbein acrylic gave us sharper strokes and deeper color than other artist-grade acrylics. Despite its velvety texture, it also retained our brushstrokes more than the competition, making the final product look like high-quality oil paint.

This set contains six of the absolute brightest paints we've ever seen. Holbein's Luminous Colors are loaded with fluorescent pigments for otherworldly intensity that just isn't possible with ordinary pigments and dyes. The reason is that fluorescent pigments literally emit light, allowing for greater vibrance than colors made by reflecting ambient light. The effect is even more pronounced under a blacklight.

Please note that all fluorescent pigments are fugitive, meaning that they will noticeably fade when displayed for long periods of time. If you'd like to keep an archival copy of work made with fugitive colors, we recommend photographing it after it's finished.

The colors included in this set are Luminous Rose, Luminous Opera, Luminous Red, Luminous Orange, Luminous Yellow, and Luminous Lemon in 60 mL tubes.

Holbein products are made to the highest standards in Japan.

We also stock Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylic in single tubes.

Heavy Body Artist Acrylic, Luminous Colors Set

Heavy Body Artist Acrylic, Luminous Colors Set