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Super Opaque White & Black


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About This Product

Holbein's new Super Opaque White and Super Opaque Black are ultra-pigmented acrylic gouache colors that offer complete coverage, easy brushability, and compatibility with a wide range of surfaces and media. For artists looking to create dark shadows over bright colors and bright highlights over dark colors, Holbein Super Opaque Acrylic Gouache is an outstanding choice.

We tested these paints against several other opaque whites and blacks here in our St. Louis studio, and they were the hands-down favorite. Super Opaque means less paint needed to get 100% opacity, brighter whites, and clearer, more neutral blacks and greys. Mix the two colors together for a full tonal range, and create gorgeous monochromatic works with nothing but these two tubes.

Adheres to all kinds of paint except oil colors, and works on paper, wood, canvas, metal, plastic, and many other surfaces. You can use acrylic paints and inks on top of Super Opaque colors, including other Acrylic Gouache colors, but please note that watercolor and traditional (gum arabic-based) gouache will not stick on top of acrylic.

Available in 20 mL and 40 mL tubes. Sold individually; make sure to select white or black before adding this to your cart. Made in Japan.

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