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About This Product

After scientists in Oregon accidentally discovered YInMn Blue pigment a few years ago, the same process they used has begun to be tested with different ingredients. The first new pigment in the same family as YInMn is YInTiCo Red, a brand-new granulating red with the soft texture of Potter's Pink, but a stronger and pinker hue that's reminiscent of Quinacridone Magenta.

Unlike many reds and pinks, YInTiCo Red is extremely lightfast. We appreciated its relatively low intensity compared with quinacridones. Because it's less intense, YInTiCo Red is perfect for making muted, natural-looking mixed colors.

Like all Horadam watercolor, this YInTiCo Red watercolor is smooth, easily mixable and brushable, and highly pigmented. YInTiCo Red is extremely lightfast, so this color carries Schmincke's highest rating for permanence.

Packaged in a 5 mL metal tube. Made in Germany. Available while supplies last.