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Horadam Watercolors, Ultimate Mixing Set (2022 Limited Edition)

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About This Product

Packed in a brand-new, appealingly compact metal case, Schmincke's Ultimate Mixing Set features an assortment of nine colors that's perfect for modern painting, plus extra space to hold 9 more half pans. Because these colors aren't included in the normal Schmincke mixing sets, they work just as well as an add-on to your existing colors as they do for standalone mixing.

To choose the nine Ultimate Mixing colors, Schmincke collaborated with New Zealand painter Evan Woodruffe, known for his use of bold and vibrant color in his abstract work. So the name of the set is a bit cheeky, because although this is a complete and well-considered mixing set, it differs entirely from the normal landscape colors we typically see in starter sets.

The colors included are about equally divided between intense, modern pigments (like phthalo blue and Schmincke's famous, fire-bright, transparent orange) and textured traditional colors like pale cobalt blue, cobalt violet, and Potter's pink. So you have options beyond just hue: with the Ultimate Mixing Set, you can also choose to add depth and complexity by turning to the softer, more granulating colors in the set.

The special cardboard box for this set features an assortment of colors and textures you can make with the Ultimate Mixing Set. It's a surprisingly wide and distinctive range for a set with just nine colors. And because of the extra space in the tin, you're not even limited to that assortment. Move your existing colors into this much cooler box and make your own expanded set with up to 18 half pans.

The colors included are #219 Turner's Yellow, #218 Transparent Orange, #369 Quinacridone Magenta, #370 Potter's Pink, #473 Cobalt Violet Hue, #477 Phthalo Sapphire Blue, #483 Cobalt Azure, #513 Viridian, and #784 Perylene Green.

Made in Germany.