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ink-café Empty Brush Pen Kit


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About This Product

Kuretake has made excellent brush pens for many years, including the cartridge style here that features a free-flowing fountain pen feed system. This new version is part of Kuretake's ink-café line, which encourages you to mix your own ink colors and use new tools for your drawing and writing.

Each translucent pen includes two empty Kuretake cartridges and a plastic dropper bottle to fill them with your preferred fountain pen ink (try them with the gorgeous Kuretake ink-café Meiji no Iro inks, for example!) Now you have an elegant instrument for lettering or painting with fountain pen ink. The fine tip is made with springy, durable synthetic bristles that allow you to make confident and expressive marks.

Ball bearings are provided in case you want to seal a spare cartridge for safe transport, but there is no need to use them if you plan to insert the cartridge right away. Please note that the ball bearing cannot be removed once used, but you can still refill the cartridge for immediate use.

Made in Japan.