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Lie de Thé ink cartridges

J. Herbin

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J. Herbin's famous ink for fountain pens is available in cartridges, too! These vibrant, transparent colors handle well on all kinds of paper and are safe to use with any fountain pen.

This handsome little tin has six cartridges of Lie de Thé (Tea Leaf), a warm brown suitable for all kinds of writing. It's dark enough to be legible with a fine nib, and brown ink is distinctive without being too loud for professional settings. It's also a lovely color for nature sketches. Try drawing and then adding shading by blending the ink with a wet brush.

Herbin cartridges are International Short format, the most popular type of fountain pen ink cartridge. They are compatible with Kaweco and OHTO pens, among many others. They are not compatible with Lamy, Pilot, Sailor, and other brands that use a proprietary cartridge format.

Made in France.