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About This Product

In the past two years, Kakimori dip pens and ink have become a cult trend, popping up on writing desks, in artists' studios, and as travel companions for journaling and sketching on the road. We're pleased to present these new gift sets that combine different elements of the Kakimori pen & ink ecosystem, all in plastic-free packaging with embossed details and an elegant wrapping cord.

This gift set—"Ceremony"—offers your special person a place for calm and introspection. The natural cherry wood pen holder and matching cherry pen rest are meant to be left out on a writing desk, reserving space for the writing process and reminding the user of nature's gentle patterns.

A handmade notebook, featuring pen-friendly paper, a lay-flat Smyth-sewn binding, and a locally printed textile wrap, is also included in the set. The print combines natural elements with playfully juxtaposed, human-made items, reinforcing the set's theme of human connection with nature. The notebook features a simple grid pattern, perfect for writing or drawing.

The writing instrument in this set is Kakimori Pen Nib, which handles much like a European F or Japanese M fountain pen nib. One dip yields a surprising amount of writing—in our experience, one good, long sentence on lined paper. The rhythm of dipping and writing offers time to reflect and consider your words carefully, and the free-flowing ink invites similarly fluid writing and sketching.

Finally, a bottle of Tototo pink pigment ink is included. It's an unexpected choice that pairs beautifully with the reddish sakura wood and earth-toned notebook. Kakimori's unique glass bottle makes it ever-so-easy to dip the Pen Nib.

Every element of this set and its packaging is made in Japan.