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Liliput Pocket Fountain Pen, Brass

List Price: $80.00

Our Price: $75.00

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About This Product

Kaweco's Liliput fountain pen is one of the smallest, sleekest pens on the market. Capsule-shaped and made of Eco Brass, an advanced alloy without the lead content of traditional brass, Liliput is futuristic and highly portable. At under 4" with the cap on, this pen goes anywhere without weighing you down. The cap screws on to the body to prevent leaks, so it's an ideal pocket pen.

Liliput uses the same excellent steel nibs as other Kaweco pens. The nib is springy and smooth, with consistent ink flow and very little maintenance required. The threads on the back of the pen allow the cap to be securely posted there while in use, extending Liliput's length for comfortable writing.

The brass is untreated, so it starts out incredibly shiny and develops a beautiful patina as you use it. (Like the brass doorknobs in an old house.) You can remove it with various metal cleaners, but we prefer to allow our brass items to age and gain a special character with time.

Liliput is packaged in a Kaweco gift tin with a single blue ink cartridge. You can refill it with Kaweco cartridges, add a converter to use bottled inks, or try the compatible cartridges from J. Herbin for even more color choices.

Made in Germany.


When you choose St. Louis Art Supply for any fountain pen that costs $25 or more, one of our expert technicians hand-checks and adjusts the nib, using high-powered magnification to ensure that the tines are perfectly aligned and there are no manufacturing defects. If necessary, we also use a superfine abrasive to remove any stray metal that can impact the smoothness of your nib. Finally, we clean the pen with our house pen cleaner and make sure that no fibers are stuck in the nib.

This intensive quality-control process offers you peace of mind that other retailers can't match. If you've ever bought a fountain pen from Amazon, you may have noticed that some reviews say it is smooth and others say it is scratchy. The reason is that they do not look at the pen before shipping it out. As a specialized shop with highly trained staff, we go the extra mile to provide a polished experience for every customer.

Look for our green "Tested OK" stamp on your packing slip. It's our way of letting you know that a real person checked your new pen and made sure it's perfect.