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Sport Classic fountain pen, green


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Kaweco's Sport Classic series is a modern update to a century-old design, manufactured in Germany since 1911. It's easy to see why the Sport series has endured—it's the perfect fountain pen for people on the move. With the cap posted on the back for writing, the Sport is balanced and long enough (5.2") to hold comfortably. With the cap screwed securely onto the body, it's a perfect size for your pocket (4.1") and it won't leak onto your clothes. The nib, available in five sizes, is springy and smooth, and the ink feed is very consistent.

This listing is for the Sport with a dark green body and gold details. It comes packaged in a black paper box, with an instruction pamphlet and a Kaweco sticker. One blue ink cartridge is included inside the body of the pen.

Don't forget ink! We recommend Kaweco international short cartridges or the Kaweco Sport converter for use with this pen. Kaweco Sport slide-on clips are sold separately.

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