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Pentel introduced the Kerry Mechanical Pencil in 1971, and its design is still surprising and unusual today. Mechanical pencils almost never have caps, because they interfere with the normal lead-advance mechanism. So Pentel designed a unique mechanism that allows you to advance the lead whether the pencil is capped, uncapped, or posted (with the cap on the back of the pen.)

That third option is especially surprising: how can the lead-advance button work with the cap covering it? Kerry's cap actually includes another lead-advance button that seamlessly clicks into place when the cap is posted. The click action is just as satisfying, too.

Kerry uses a mix of plastic and metal components, giving the pencil a nice, low center of gravity and a premium look. The chunky, grid-etched metal ring in the middle is Kerry's signature feature, completing an elegant Art Deco look that will complement your desk nicely.

Made in Japan.

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