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Kuretake Super Black Ink, 60 mL


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About This Product

Kuretake's new Super Black Ink is darker and more permanent than other liquid sumi inks, with a beautiful satin finish and luxurious thick texture. All of these remarkable characteristics come from the high concentration of carbon black pigment suspended in a new, completely waterproof binding fluid.

Less saturated sumi ink has a greyish color and more glossy finish. In contrast, Kuretake Super Black has so many carbon particles that they scatter reflected light in all directions, reducing gloss and allowing the eye to see a much deeper black; it almost looks like a black hole in the page when dry.

Super Black is 100% waterproof, so once it dries, you can apply watercolor or other inks on top without worrying about bleeding or mixing.

Try Kuretake Super Black with any watercolor brush, metal dip pen, bamboo or glass pens, and any other drawing tool without a reservoir. Do not use Super Black with fountain pens, as the permanent pigment formulation will cause irreversible clogging. Wash brushes with soap and water before Super Black dries.

Packaged in a 60 mL plastic inkwell with a wide mouth for dipping brushes and pens, plus a cardboard box with Japanese text. Made in Japan.