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Mark Sheet Mechanical Pencil, 1.3 mm, B


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About This Product

Made for marking Scantron forms, Pentel's Mark Sheet Sharp mechanical pencils feature an extra-wide 1.3 mm lead that's also darker than usual for perfectly filled bubbles. Of course, a lot of us are done taking standardized tests, but our art supply buyers thought the super wide lead would be great for drawing and bold writing, too.

As it turns out, the 1.3 mm lead is practical for a wide range of uses where a normal mechanical pencil is too thin or pale, but without requiring sharpening like a wood-cased pencil. We found it straightforward to get consistent writing strokes by rotating the pencil as we worked, so that the tip never got dull or asymmetrical.

This is the same pencil that's sold on the U.S. market as "Pentel AM13." Here in the United States, Pentel markets this pencil as a durable option for jobsites and workshops. The thick lead makes it a useful tool for carpentry and industrial work.

Refill with Mark Sheet 1.3 mechanical pencil lead. Made in Japan.

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