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Masterpiece Monet Pro Canvas, 1.5" Depth

About This Product

Masterpiece Monet Pro is our best line of stretched canvas. Several of us paint on canvas, and Monet Pro is what you'll find in our studios because it's built strong, primed with a thick triple coat of gesso, and stretched drum-tight over gallery depth (1.5") stretcher bars.

Unlike cheaper stretched canvas, Monet Pro uses perfectly straight, heavyweight stretchers assembled in a perfectly square frame. The cotton canvas is attached to the back of the frame with staples and the tension can be adjusted by inserting canvas keys at the corners. The fabric can even be removed and restretched over the same size bars because there is enough extra wrapped around the back for a second stretch. That kind of forethought offers peace of mind to anyone using Monet Pro canvases for commissions or gallery shows.

The fabric used on these frames is Masterpiece Monterey pure cotton canvas, weighing in at 7 oz. raw and 10.5 oz. with the triple coat of primer.

We are currently listing only the smaller sizes (up to 12" x 16") online because they are eligible for our free shipping for orders over $59. If you need a larger size, please email us at and we can provide you price and shipping information. We also offer custom stretching for special sizes, heavier fabric, or special primer colors.

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