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MD Notebook Light three-pack, A5


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So that you can note down your inspirations, anytime, anywhere, Midori has created the slim, staple-bound MD Notebook Light. The MD Notebook Light is sold in sets of three volumes, each with 48 pages, that can be used in the course of a few days. You can let your imagination run free and use each volume in order, or perhaps use each of the three for different purposes.

Midori has created this compact package out of a desire to let you use the notebook in the way that suits you best. With a notebook tucked away in your bag, jacket or pocket as you wander around, you can always make a spontaneous note or sketch. If you fold a page back and hold the notebook tightly, you can take notes even while standing.

By customizing the index stickers that are provided with MD Notebook Light, you can label notebooks with a description of their contents or number them in a series. Made in Japan.
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