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We are big fans of Midori's MD Pencil, an ultra-simple writing pencil with dark, perfectly centered lead and an attractive off-white finish. So we're very excited to introduce the MD Pencil Drawing Kit, which takes the same design and adds a variety of hardness grades and a couple of useful accessories for drawing.

In the box, you'll find five MD Pencils in HB, B, 2B, 4B, and 6B, the most popular grades for sketching, drawing, and shading. Each pencil is paired with a lightweight nickel-plated brass pencil cap to protect the tip (and your pocket.) Each cap is printed with "MD PAPER PRODUCTS" in subtle black type.

Finally, a small sharpener made by Japanese manufacturer NJK is included. NJK has been making pencil sharpeners in Osaka since 1933, so this simple object has a surprisingly rich history and a very high standard of quality. As Midori notes on the box, NJK sharpeners are made with less than 0.01 mm of manufacturing variance, and they have the "sharpness of a katana."

All components made in Japan.

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