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Midori Stand Diary 2022 is a cleverly designed spiral-bound planner that stands up on its own, so you can see your calendar and tasks at a glance. You can open your Stand Diary completely flat for comfortable writing and convert it to a desktop calendar by looping the elastic band around the back corner and using the stiff navy blue cover as a kickstand.

As with all of Midori's planners, the Stand Diary features a thoughtful layout that will help you get things done. The notebook starts with a two-page 2022-2023 calendar, followed by two monthly pages each for October 2021 through January 2023.

The left-hand page for each month is a Gantt chart, a useful project management system that allows you to quickly chart progress for seven different projects each month.

The right-hand page is a standard monthly calendar with a Monday start. The upper-right corner shows the days and dates at a glance, and below each monthly calendar is space for a few important tasks with checkboxes.

After the monthly pages are four task pages with three columns each. Finally, Stand Diary 2022 includes a generous 104 freeform notes pages with 3 mm gridded paper and title and date spaces. Use these pages for more task planning, journaling, sketches, or whatever fits your workflow best.

The paper in Stand Diary is Midori's own MD Paper, the world's best all-purpose writing paper. Suitable for fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoints, pencils, and almost anything else you'll find in the office, MD Paper is a versatile and pleasant writing surface.

You can preview the various kinds of pages in Stand Diary on Midori's website.

B6 size (about 5" x 7"). Made in Japan.

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