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Mt. Yoshino Sakura Glass Pen


Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

Quite simply: this pen is a masterpiece. Individually handcrafted by glass artisan Yoshitaka Tajima in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, the delicately curved glass nib is smoother and more pleasant to use than any glass pen we've ever tried. The teardrop-shaped, rippling surface of the glass nib holds quite a bit of ink, and the precisely shaped tip produces a surprisingly consistent line.

But the glass nib isn't the only extraordinary part of this pen. The handle and included pen rest are also handmade—from one of the world's most special materials. The warm-toned, richly grained wood is instantly identifiable as sakura, or Japanese cherry, a tree of great cultural importance.

This particular sakura wood came from Mt. Yoshino, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a sacred place for many Japanese people. Harvesting the sakura trees of Yoshino is illegal, but select manufacturers are allowed to use the lumber when the trees fall naturally. The wood used in these pens came from cherry trees knocked down by the devastating Typhoon No. 21 in August 2018.

Each Mt. Yoshino Sakura Glass Pen features a slightly different shape, texture, color, and grain pattern, due to the natural origins and minimal processing of the cherry wood. Kuretake has exhibited great respect to the materials used in this pen, allowing skilled craftspeople to use their own judgment and craft smooth, organic shapes with the warmth of nature.

Presented in a fabric-lined gift box with matching pen rest, plus a simple black outer box that makes it easy to gift wrap. Choose fine (0.7 mm) or medium (0.9 mm) point, and experiment with any fountain pen ink for different effects and line weights.

Measures approximately 145 mm (5.7") long x 15 mm (0.6") in diameter. Size may vary due to individual differences of each handmade pen.

Available in very limited quantities worldwide.