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Mystery Box

St. Louis Art Supply

Regular price $45.00 Our Price $19.95

Inside this box is at least $45 in art supplies, stationery, pens, pencils, paper, printmaking supplies, paints, and whatever else we found in our wondrous, somewhat disorganized stockroom. For this Summer 2020 edition of the Mystery Box, we're including some very special things like Kolinsky sable brushes, artist-grade acrylics, and fancy paint markers. You're also likely to find weird stuff like bottles and jars, random office supplies, loose colored pencils, etc. We're making these only while supplies last, so don't miss out on yours! Our last batch sold out Very. Quickly.

For the first time, we're asking you to tell us what you want included in your box from three broad categories. Choose from the options above and we will send you a box containing items from at least one of your chosen categories.

Some rules and fine print:

  • The Mystery Box is not eligible for free shipping, due to its weight and its low price. St. Louis customers can choose the pickup option at checkout to avoid paying for shipping.
  • We guarantee that the whole box is worth at least $45, but we don't guarantee anything else about its contents. No returns or exchanges—that's the deal.

Good luck! It'll definitely be interesting, and hopefully it'll be useful, too!

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