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Petit Joie Washi Tape, Aqua

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Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

New from Nichiban, the manufacturer of the world's best artist tape: a fresh lineup of solid color washi tape in pastel shades. This tape is almost as good as the venerable Nichiban #251, but at a lower price, a slightly narrower width, and in color!

If you haven't tried Nichiban's other products, let us fill you in. Good artist tape is hard to find, and many of the options in art supply stores just don't work. They tear paper, or they don't stick, or they're too thick so that paint collects at the edge. Nichiban makes the only tape we've tried that has none of these problems, and we have strongly recommended it for art masking purposes ever since we first started carrying it.

Nichiban Petit Joie brings almost all of those technical advantages to a roll of colored washi tape. It's nice and thin, strong but easy to tear, with a removable adhesive that is much less likely to damage paper than other artist tape. For highly sensitive papers like those made from 100% cotton, we still recommend Nichiban #251, which only comes in white. But for most other surfaces, Petit Joie colored tape will not damage the paper.

Each extra-long roll of Petit Joie comes with much more tape than a standard 10 meter roll of washi tape. These rolls measure 15 mm wide by 18 m long, so you can use this tape daily and not have to replace it too often.

Sold individually in five colors or in a specially priced five-color bundle. Made in Japan.