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This sharpener set from NJK includes the two most important types of pocket sharpener: a standard sharpener for writing pencils (#516), and a sharpener for drawing and colored pencils (#508). The #516 makes a longer point and the #508 makes a more wedge-shaped point, suitable for shading and blending.

Although this practical set comes with a low price tag, don't underestimate it! These pocket sharpeners outperform options that cost three times as much. Available in many colors, the NJK 516/508 set is an absolute essential. Buy a few so your friends don't steal yours.

Made in Japan.

About Nakajima Jukyudo Co. (NJK):

NJK, a third-generation family business in Osaka, Japan, does one thing impossibly well. They make pencil sharpeners with insanely sharp and consistent blades that produce better points, faster, with less breakage and friction. Their motto, "light as an apple peel, sharp as a Samurai sword," reflects the experience of gently twisting an NJK sharpener and watching long, continuous swirls of cedar peel gracefully from your pencil.

These simple, incredibly well-made products are the result of NJK's eighty years of history and their intense commitment to quality control. Although NJK makes Japan's best-selling sharpener, you'll still find the company's president on the factory floor, taking part in the delicate blade polishing process that makes these sharpeners special.

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