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Popular in Japan since the late eighties, the boldly designed Pentel Smash Mechanical Pencil proves that a simple, functional pencil can still turn heads. The Smash is named for its distinctive lead-advance mechanism: a rubber accordion-style button that "smashes" down satisfyingly.

Several other touches make Pentel Smash an excellent choice for drawing or writing. The unique rubber-studded brass grip is surprisingly comfortable and keeps the center of gravity low, so it's easy to control the pencil. A sturdy metal clip keeps Smash attached to your pocket or bag, and a lead hardness indicator in the middle of the pencil reminds you what lead is inside. (It comes with a few pieces of HB lead.)

A high-quality, replaceable eraser is tucked under the push button.

Available in black and red, the two classic colors of the Smash product line. 0.5 mm lead width. Made in Japan.

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