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Carbon Ink, 60 mL


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Platinum Carbon Ink is our recommendation for those who need waterproof, permanent fountain pen ink. Most fountain pen inks are made with dyes, which typically are water-soluble and prone to fading over time. Carbon Ink is made with extremely small particles of carbon black pigment, one of the most durable and waterproof pigments on earth. Give it a few minutes to dry and you can safely use watercolor over lines drawn with Carbon Ink. Use it to address envelopes and rest assured the writing will be there, rain or shine. Or use it for drawings so that they can be displayed indefinitely without losing saturation.

The 60 mL bottle has a built-in reservoir that holds ink closer to the mouth of the bottle. Turn it over and the reservoir fills, so you can easily fill your pen even when the bottle is almost empty. Made in Japan.

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Carbon Ink, 60 mL

Carbon Ink, 60 mL