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For the watercolorist or mixed media artist who wants to try lots of different kinds of paper, we've put together this pack of our postcard-sized products for watercolor. It includes four 4" x 6" pads with postcard markings printed on the reverse: Holbein Albireo, Holbein Clester, Strathmore Watercolor, and Strathmore Mixed Media. The Strathmore pads have American-style postcard markings, while the Holbein pads have Japanese ones, but they can both be mailed around the world.

The papers in this pack vary in surface texture and composition: Strathmore Mixed Media is the smoothest and whitest, for example, while Holbein Clester has cotton blended in for extra strength and stability.

We've also included a postcard-sized Holbein Paper Palette, with sheets of disposable mixing paper that are perfect for painting while you travel.

It's all packed in a simple canvas bag with drawstring for storage. We think you'll have fun exploring all the different options! Our Postcard Pack also makes a great gift for your favorite artist on the go.

Strathmore products made in the United States. Holbein products made in Japan.

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