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Aqua Elite watercolor brushes


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Princeton Aqua Elite represents an impressive advance in brushmaking technology. It's a synthetic fiber brush that performs like natural Kolinsky sable, which has been the choice of top watercolor artists for generations. Like Kolinsky sable, Princeton Aqua Elite brushes hold their shape, keeping a fine point after many uses. They hold more watercolor than Kolinsky sable, and they're just as springy and precise when applying paint to paper. Because Aqua Elite brushes use a synthetic fiber, they're also easier to clean than natural Kolinsky sable.

Princeton offers Aqua Elite in a wide range of useful shapes and sizes. The black mop and flat mottler are excellent for broad strokes and big, dreamy washes. The long rounds offer a superfine point and a wide belly, so you can fluidly transition from thin to thick lines—try this shape for organic linework and calligraphic strokes. A large selection of sizes is available in regular rounds, which are by far the most popular shape for watercolor. If you're unsure where to start, try a #4 Round or #6 Round as your all-purpose brush.

Unlike natural Kolinsky brushes, Aqua Elite is animal-friendly and drastically less expensive. We have been very pleased with the results we've seen from our tests on this line, and we think you'll like them too.

We recommend pairing these brushes with Princeton Neptune brushes, which are synthetic replacements for squirrel brushes. Aqua Elite is more precise and responsive, while Neptune holds more water and has a softer feel.

Aqua Elite watercolor brushes

Aqua Elite watercolor brushes