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Refine natural bristle brushes

Princeton Brush

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Princeton Refine is a high-quality, traditional bristle brush for oil and acrylic painting. This type of stiff, natural hair brush has been used by students and professionals for hundreds of years because it is extremely durable, it holds a lot of paint, and the stiffness of hog's hair bristles prevents the brush from flopping over under heavy oil and acrylic colors.

From Encyclopedia Brittanica:
"Hog bristles... have long been used for paintbrushes and art brushes because such animal fibres are flexible and resilient and display an excellent capacity for holding paint. Each individual bristle has a broad, sturdy base and a tapered tip that splits into several fine filaments."

The Princeton Refine 5400 series builds on this tradition with a large number of useful shapes and sizes, attractive lacquered handles, and a comfortable ergonomic shape. 

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