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Kaerell Soft Mottlers

About This Product

These wide, soft mottler brushes use Raphaël's Kaerell watercolor fibers for smooth, even applications of any fluid color or varnish. Try using them for big, rich watercolor washes, as shown in our photos, or for perfectly flat clear coats on finished oil or acrylic paintings. They're also great for use with fluid acrylics or diluted oil colors, particularly when you're working on the earliest, thinnest layers of a painting.

Fitted with natural wood handles and stainless steel ferrules, these brushes live up to Raphaël's reputation for top-quality brushmaking. When properly washed and stored, you can get years of use out of a Kaerell mottler.

Available in five wide sizes: 20 mm (0.8"), 30 mm (1.2"), 40 mm (1.6"), 50 mm (2"), and 100 mm (3.9").