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About This Product

This special edition set of Schmincke Horadam watercolors takes a natural property of certain artist pigments and turns it into an eye-popping special effect. Pro watercolorists know that some pigments, like ultramarine blue and natural earth colors, form pockets of darker pigment when applied to paper. This textured look is beloved by landscape painters because it creates a complex and organic look with one brushstroke.

Horadam "Supergranulation" colors take this granulating effect to the next level. By mixing together highly granulating colors that naturally separate from one another, each Supergranulation color explodes into ripples and pools of contrasting pigment when you use it on paper. The result is the most intensely granulating watercolor we've ever seen, enabling you to paint dreamy sunsets, extraterrestrial landscapes, and complex natural light with ease.

The Supergranulation Desert set is a new release for 2022, with five essential earth colors to enrich your palette. This dreamy desert palette includes five 15 mL tubes: Desert Yellow, Desert Orange, Desert Brown, Desert Green (one of the most interesting colors in the Supergranulation lineup, with a strong and surprising pink undertone), and Desert Grey. They're packed in a rustic, sustainably harvested wood box with metal latch.

Try combining this set with the other Supergranulation themed sets to create a more complex palette. You can also mix Supergranulation colors with other Schmincke Horadam watercolors.

Made in Germany.