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Horadam Watercolors, Limited Edition Ocean Grey

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About This Product

Schmincke's limited edition Ocean Grey watercolor evokes misty air and salty sea, offering a range of color from deep cool grey to pale turquoise. Created by Schmincke in collaboration with Spanish watercolorist Cesc Farré, Ocean Grey is a versatile color for anyone who paints landscapes. Dilute it for light, cool washes to define stormy sky or the brightest highlights in water, or apply it in thicker layers to create deep water and murky shadow tones.

Ocean Grey is semi-opaque, capable of transparent layering but becoming more opaque in more concentrated applications. It carries Schmincke's highest lightfastness rating, so paintings made with this special color will not fade for generations. Of course, it's completely mixable with our entire range of Schmincke watercolor. Try mixing Ocean Grey with yellow for earthy, complex greens.

For those of you who are pigment nerds like us, Ocean Grey is made with specially selected ultramarine (PB 29), cobalt turquoise (PG 50), and carbon black (PBk 6). This multi-pigment color is a great complement to your standard mixing set, especially if you like to paint subjects in this color family.

Packaged in a 15 mL metal tube, enclosed in a gift-ready box. Made in Germany.