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Super5 Fountain Pen, 0.7 mm Stub / White


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So many artists love to sketch and draw with fountain pens, but very few fountain pens have been designed for that purpose. We're excited to offer Super5, a German-made line of fountain pens and inks that solves the biggest problems artists encounter when working with fountain pens.

Waterproof, archival ink (optional). Super5 cartridges and bottled inks are all waterproof, pigmented for excellent lightfastness, with a basic pH that won't damage paper even after years of storage. That means you can use your Super5 under watercolor or as the tool for a finished monochrome drawing, and you'll feel confident that your lines will stay where you put them for years to come. These artist-grade inks come in six gorgeous colors that you can mix and match for a contemporary look in your artwork. For writing and informal sketching that doesn't need to be waterproof, you can also use any international-format cartridge, like the ones made by Kaweco and J. Herbin.

Responsive nibs for a variety of line types. Rather than being offered in the same rounded fine and medium nibs as most fountain pens, Super5 has a unique set of nib options. The 0.5 mm fine stub and 0.7 mm medium stub are slightly flat on the writing surface, creating thicker lines on downstrokes and thinner lines on side-to-side strokes, so your drawings will look more varied and organic. The 1.0 mm medium rounded nib is best for bigger, bolder strokes with a uniform line width.

Free-flowing, skipless ink feed. Despite the thickness of Super5 pigment ink, the flow mechanism works smoothly to place generously inked lines on your page for long drawing sessions.

Balanced body for expressive strokes. Super5 has a unique body design. Although it is mostly a plastic body pen (and, like other plastic pens, it's affordably priced), it has a metal grip section that makes it more pleasant to hold and offers a low center of gravity. That makes Super5 pens more natural to hold and draw with than other plastic pens. Better yet, because every artist is different, the center of gravity is adjustable. For a lightweight, bottom-heavy pen, use Super5 without the cap. For a more balanced feel, post the cap on the back, where it will stay securely. For those who prefer heavier pens, Super5 can accommodate a spare cartridge in its screw-off rear cap, which, combined with the posted cap, makes Super5 as heavy as many metal pens.

Each Super5 pen includes one water-soluble blue ink cartridge to get you started. But to really make this pen shine, we recommend adding waterproof Super5 ink in one or more colors. It's also useful to have pen cleaner if you plan to change colors or for routine maintenance on a well-used pen. We mix our own liquid pen cleaner, and Super5 also offers a concentrated packet of pen cleaner for one-time use.

Made in Germany. Available in a variety of colors and nib styles. Want to use Super5 pens with bottled ink? Add an international format converter.



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Super5 Fountain Pen, 0.7 mm Stub / White

Super5 Fountain Pen, 0.7 mm Stub / White