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This beautifully designed starter set contains everything you need to make elegant wax seals for your correspondence or extra-special gift wrap. The stamp itself is weighty and pleasant to use, with a cast iron stamp head and a contoured rosewood handle. Two wickless sealing wax sticks, in bright gold and champagne, are included to get you started, along with a simple metal spoon you can use to melt the wax.

The Wax Sealing Kit comes in gift-ready packaging, with a sturdy slide-out box and a cotton bag for storing all your tools and wax. We love the blend of old-world sophistication and contemporary style; it's a unique combination that makes these kits feel really special in use.

Australian designer Fiona Ariva has been creating this distinctive line of stamps, waxes, and accessories since 2018, and we're pleased to be the first U.S. retailer to stock them. Check out our current selection of Fiona Ariva products here, and look out for more designs and colors in the near future.

This kit features the Seal Pup stamp in 1" diameter. There's enough wax to make 20-26 seals, depending on how much you use. Please note that only the stamp, wickless wax sticks, spoon, box, and bag are included, as shown in the kit photo. Other pictured accessories, waxes, and stationery are sold separately.

How to Make Wax Seals

Actually, it's pretty easy when you have the right tools! Fiona Ariva Wax Sealing Kits come with all the supplies you need.

First: melt the wax in your metal spoon, using a small candle or tealight for heat. If you're using wickless wax sticks, like those that come with the Wax Sealing Kit, rub the tip of the wax against the hot spoon until you melt enough to make a seal. If you're using wax granules, drop them into the spoon (we suggest using 4 granules per seal) and gently move the spoon around until they melt.

Second (and this is the most fun step): pour the wax from your spoon onto the envelope. Start your pour on the envelope flap, so the wax will weigh it down and start the sealing process. Then, once the flap is lying flat, you can pour faster and let the wax pool out. Each pour is different.

Third: gently place the stamp on the hot wax and wait for it to cool. Then you can pull the stamp out of the wax to reveal your finished seal.

You can make your seals even better by mixing different waxes for multicolored effects or by pressing flower petals and herbs into the hot wax. There's lots of room for experimentation, and it's easy to make something beautiful!

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