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We're constantly looking for more and better products to help you express yourself and organize your thoughts. Take a look at what's new.

Built here.

Our new line of spiral notebooks is manufactured in our St. Louis storefront. We've combined clean design, high-quality paper options, and thoughtful proportions to create a collection of essential notebooks for art, work, and life.

Custom Color Sets

Want to try a new medium or expand your color palette? Let us curate a custom color set based on your artistic interests and favorite color families.

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Favorite sets

Get started with a new medium or upgrade your kit with one of our best-selling sets for drawing and painting.

Watercolor painting

We love the meditative, mind-expanding process of making a watercolor sketch. See what you can do with these brilliant, transparent colors.

Fountain pens

Writing and drawing with fountain pens is addictive. The nibs glide with much less pressure than rollerballs and ballpoints, and the ink can typically be blended with water for shading quick sketches.


Made in Japan since 1900, Holbein paints are brilliant, with extensive and thoughtful color selections. Holbein carefully engineers the consistency and pigmentation of each color to provide a smooth, satisfying application.

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Selected books

The perfect companion for your new notebook, fountain pen, or watercolor set is a book to provoke thought and inspire creative growth. Browse our unique, carefully curated book section.

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