Free Shipping Over $59

Free Shipping Over $59

Customer Service

Hi, pen pal! How can we help?

Email us anytime for friendly, knowledgeable service.

For order inquiries, returns, product questions, quote requests, and any other questions you have for us, please email We aim to reply to all emails within two business days.

Or, try Phone Roulette:

We're a small team, and like many e-commerce businesses, we don't have a person dedicated to taking phone calls. But we do have a phone number and we're happy to hear from you. Just remember the rules of Phone Roulette:

Our phone number rings everyone in the building. You get the first person who picks up, whatever department they work in. They might not know the answer to your question, and the person who does might be at lunch.

No phone orders, order inquiries, order changes, order cancellations, address updates, etc. on the phone. The person who answers your call is probably not sitting at their computer and can't do these things.

Ready for Phone Roulette? Here's our number: (314) 884-8345. We answer the phone 10-5, seven days a week.