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Free Shipping Over $59

About St. Louis Art Supply

A better way to stock your studio.

We're St. Louis Art Supply, an independent retailer with a global network of fine suppliers. We've been in business since 2015, and we're proud to serve thousands of customers across the country every month. In the art materials industry, we're known for our unique choices in product, our expertise in importing items other stores can't get, and our lovingly detailed photography. (Yes, virtually every image on the site is shot here in St. Louis—an unusual and expensive practice that's not at all common in our industry.)

We specialize in artist-grade paints, drawing materials, paper, stationery, and writing supplies (particularly fountain pens, dip pens, and wood-cased pencils.) We buy from better manufacturers, often importing brands not available elsewhere in the United States, and we carefully avoid the cheaply-made, questionably sourced products that clog up every online shopping search.

We're owned and operated by artists. Among our current crew of nine are two photographers, five painters, three designers, two cartoonists, one sculptor, and one (beginning) calligrapher. We all draw, and we all know our way around a fountain pen. We use pen, paper, and paint every day, from the handwritten note on your packing slip to the hand-painted swatches we make for every paint color on the website.

We're proud to pay every employee a living wage, and we purchase as much of our stock as possible from companies that do the same. Most of our products are made in high-wage, democratic countries, like Japan, Germany, Italy, France, the U.K., and the United States. We do this both because it's ethical and because better employers have better employees, and better employees make better products.

You'll see the difference in every little item you order from us.