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Penna Lancia 920EF Pen Nib (Vintage)


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About This Product

This midcentury, Italian-made "crown pen" features a specially shaped area in the center with cutouts to allow the nib to flex slightly in the center. Crown pens were very popular in the early 20th century because of their uniquely bouncy feel on paper.

Penna Lancia 920EF is a very nice example of the crown nib genre, with a smooth fine point that's easy to control and pleasant to write with.

Thanks to the protective coating applied to all dip pens (even new ones produced today), these 70-year-old pens are in excellent vintage condition. They've been checked for rust and other defects by our experts and are ready to return to service on your desk.

As with any dip pen, you will need to remove the protective coating so that ink will stick to the nib consistently. To remove the coating, simply dip your new pen in ink a couple of times and wipe it off. Repeat until the ink coats the nib completely and doesn't bead up. This process takes about 15 seconds and only needs to be done once, before you use the pen for the first time.

Sold individually. Made in Italy.

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