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Juliette Aristides
Monacelli Press

Figure Drawing Atelier: An Instructional Sketchbook


Figure Drawing Atelier offers a contemporary twist to the traditional atelier approach to figure drawing. The book offers art instruction, practical and progressive lessons on drawing the figure, and high-quality sketchbook paper in a beautiful package that includes blank pages for sketching and copying. Artists will then have a record of their process, like with a sketchbook, which many artists like to document and save.

In this elegant and inspiring workbook, master contemporary artist and author Juliette Aristides breaks down the figure drawing process into small, manageable lessons, presents them progressively, introduces time-tested principles and techniques in the atelier tradition that are easily accessible, and shares the language and context necessary to understand the artistic process and create superior, well-crafted drawings.

  • Author:

    Juliette Aristides

  • Title:

    Figure Drawing Atelier: An Instructional Sketchbook

  • Dimensions:

    9.29 x 7.72 x 0.65 inches

  • Pages:


  • Publisher:

    Monacelli Press

  • Publication Date:

    September 17, 2019

  • ISBN: