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MD Dip Pen is a perfectly simple tool for using your favorite inks on paper. Without a feed or a cartridge, MD Dip Pen only needs a little bit of ink to write several flowing lines of text. So when you change colors, there's no waste or mess. Just rinse your pen in clean water (you can also use our Universal Pen Cleaner) and switch to another bottle of ink. No waiting for the feed to saturate; no half-empty cartridge to throw away.

The nib itself is quite familiar to Midori fans—it's the same distinctive 'bird's-beak' steel nib used in Midori MD Fountain Pen. You'll notice more flexibility and responsiveness with the Dip Pen version, not because the nib is different but because the feed isn't there to make it stiffer and more precise. MD Dip Pen generally makes broader lines than MD Fountain Pen for the same reason: the ink flow is controlled by gravity, not a fountain pen feed.

MD Dip Pen has a very smooth writing touch, especially in comparison to other dip pens, and newcomers to the world of dip pens will have no trouble getting this pen to work properly. This style of pen—a fountain pen nib connected to a dip pen holder—has become quite popular in Japan over the past few years, because it offers the freedom and simplicity of a dip pen without sacrificing writing comfort.

The handle of MD Dip Pen is a standard European-style pen holder with metal prongs that keep nibs in place, set in a gorgeously minimal MD Cream colored body with a comfortable hexagonal shape. The material used for MD Dip Pen is made from 51% recycled paper fiber and 49% polypropylene, so it reduces the use of plastic. This unique material has an elegant matte finish and matches MD Paper perfectly.

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