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Fude DE Mannen Fountain Pen, Navy (40°)


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About This Product

This unusual fountain pen is legendary in the Urban Sketching community because it can produce a huge range of line widths—a feat that's usually possible only with dip pens or brushes. The nib is bent to a 40° angle at the tip, making the Fude DE Mannen pen look like it's been dropped on its nib.

This surprising design creates several different surfaces that can be used for writing. Press the bent section fully flat against the paper for wide marks; use the same area at a slight angle for flowing, variable-width marks. Flip the nib over and use the finest part of the bent section for ultrafine hatching, small lettering, texture, and other detail work.

With practice, you'll be able to switch smoothly between the different writing surfaces, creating marks that transition from thick to thin with a flick of the wrist. The ink flow is generous and reliable, and you can use your favorite fountain pen ink by adding a Sailor Ink Converter, sold separately.

This elongated, deep navy blue Fude DE Mannen makes finer marks than the 55° versions. It's a great choice for expressive writing, neat lettering, and all styles of drawing.

Includes two black Sailor ink cartridges. Made in Japan.

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