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Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor, Recycled Oxides Set

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Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

This beautiful trio of earth tones is made from water pollution.

Mining pollutes water. As workers and equipment crack open the earth, heavy metals seep into the surrounding water, making it poisonous and damaging the local ecosystem.

The pigments in this trio of Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor are the product of an exciting new way to clean up these polluted sites. At two former mining locations in Pennsylvania, large-scale remediation teams remove iron oxide sludge from the polluted water. Then, a pigment company in Virginia processes the raw oxides to produce pure colors. Finally, Daniel Smith turns the iron oxide pigments into artist colors in Seattle.

All three Daniel Smith "Enviro-Friendly" Iron Oxides are included: EF Iron Oxide Red, EF Iron Oxide Brown, and EF Iron Oxide Yellow.

Three 15 mL tubes. Made in the United States.

About Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor:

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor is not just the premier brand of American watercolor—it is the widest, most experimental range of watercolors in the world, with 266 colors and a never-ending flow of new ideas. Still based in Seattle after 50 years, Daniel Smith also remains at the forefront of art materials innovation. The Pacific Northwest's premier color house popularized quinacridones for artist use, created the first commercial versions of key colors on the contemporary palette, and pioneered new mineral colors by creating the pigments from scratch, literally grinding down the stones and binding them in an easy-to-use traditional watercolor.

Compared with the other brands of professional watercolor on the market, Daniel Smith stands out for its dense pigmentation, matte finish, and strongly adhesive binder. Taken together, these three qualities make Extra Fine Watercolors the unparalleled leader in sheer amount of pigment attached to the page. Even without layering, and even on wet paper, it's easy to build up a completely saturated masstone of most colors.

Each Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor is individually rated for lightfastness, granulation, staining, and opacity. Most colors carry the highest lightfastness rating, meaning colors won't fade for hundreds of years.

15 mL tube. Made in the United States.

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