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Integral Wash Bottle, 250 mL


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About This Product

Also known as "the water gun thing from high school chemistry," a wash bottle is a laboratory staple meant for rinsing beakers and test tubes with a controlled water flow. Squeeze the flexible bottle and water flows out of the tip with surprising rinse power.

We've had a wash bottle in our studio for years—it's the perfect thing for quickly cleaning your palette without going over to the sink. A quick squirt with the wash bottle, a wipe with a paper towel, and you're ready to switch colors.

This "integral-style" wash bottle has its spout and straw molded into the body of the bottle. This type of wash bottle is higher quality than those with a straw that slots in the top, with fewer parts that can fail and easier access to the last few drops of water.

250 mL capacity. Watertight, easy-grip cap. Made in Italy.

About Kartell:

Established in 1949 as a plastic auto parts manufacturer, Kartell surprisingly became a pioneer in manufacturing and an Italian design icon. Founder Giulio Castelli was working to get the young company on its feet when two of his partners quit—a crisis that quickly became a catalyst for growth and change. It was only out of absolute necessity that Giulio was able to convince his wife Anna Castelli Ferrieri, an architect and feminist activist, to join him as Kartell's lead designer.

Anna led the company into consumer goods and home furnishings, a category in which plastics were very uncommon at the time. Inspired by rationalist philosophy and Bauhaus aesthetics, she created bold, minimal designs and etched a permanent place in modernist design history.

Today, Kartell manufactures a huge range of plastic products aimed at consumers, businesses, and industrial users, including a large assortment of plastic labware.

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