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Emerald Synthetic Mixed Media Brushes


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About This Product

Tintoretto's affordable, highly versatile Emerald Synthetic has become our favorite fiber for testing new paints and making swatches. These brushes are sturdy, springy, and slightly stiff, with the ability to make precise marks in watercolor, oil, acrylic, ink, gouache, and more. When you're done, it's easy to clean out and it holds its shape for next time.

Emerald Synthetic immediately stands out from the rest of your brush collection, thanks to its distinctive green fibers and handle. If you could zoom way in on those fibers, you'd see that the tips are pointed and thinner than the rest of the fiber. The fibers' tapered shape allows for smooth, accurate strokes, making Emerald Synthetic a great choice for line work.

We stock individual Emerald Synthetic brushes in round and flat shapes, plus our curated set of 7 essential brushes for mixed media work. The set of 7 includes Round #3/0, Round #0, Round #4, Round #8, Flat #0, Flat #4, and Flat #8. Other sizes sold separately. Please choose your brush option before adding this item to your cart.

Made in Italy.