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Raphaël D-Brushes for Oil and Acrylic

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About This Product

We're all accustomed to using the same few brush shapes: round, flat, and filbert are the most popular, with all other shapes much less commonly seen in art supply stores and studios. So we're excited to introduce a totally new brush shape from Raphaël, one of the world's oldest and best brushmakers.

These are "D-Brushes," made with Raphaël's best fibers for oil and acrylic, soft and bushy on one side, flat and springy on the other side. If you look at it in profile, you'll see why Raphaël calls it a D-Brush. It's certainly an unusual brush, and it's made possible by a unique ferrule that's crimped only on one side.

The firm, flat side is excellent for applying paint, making sharp marks, and working with thick colors, gel mediums, and pastes. Then, flip the brush over to the soft, curved side for blending, smoothing, and beautiful dry brush textures.

Available in two different fibers: D'Artigny, a top-quality interlocked white hog bristle with outstanding paint capacity and a lively feel against canvas, and Textura, a synthetic bristle that's consistent, responsive, and very smooth. Both can be used for either oil or acrylic painting, but we recommend D'Artigny for thicker colors and Textura for thinner colors.

Sold individually. Please consult our scale photos to select your sizes.

Made in Mauritius.