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Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

Uni Alpha Gel Switch Mechanical Pencil


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About This Product

New from the world leader in pencils—it's the Uni Alpha Gel Switch mechanical pencil, packed with features and designed for long, comfortable use. You'll immediately notice the grip, which is made from shock-absorbing Alpha Gel. It's not just soft (although of course it's soft!) but also strong, appropriately firm, and resilient. Alpha Gel is also used in shoes, sensitive electronics, and many other uses where shock absorption is required, and it's built to withstand forces a lot greater than your writing pressure.

The rest of the pencil is just as advanced. Two writing modes are available: "Hold" mode, which simply keeps your lead fixed for technical drawing and drafting, for a predictable and solid feel, plus Mitsubishi's exclusive "Kuru Toga" mode, which rotates the lead to keep your lines the same width during long writing sessions. In Kuru Toga mode, you'll avoid the gradually widening marks made by other mechanical pencils, and your writing will be more uniform and professional.

Available only in 0.5 mm, the most popular width worldwide. We have four colors to choose from, all with elegant matte finishes. The black and blue come with translucent white Alpha Gel grips, and the olive green and yellow come with black Alpha Gel.

Made in Japan—not outsourced like other mechanical pencil brands.

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    Mitsubishi Pencil Co.