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Carbon Ink, 60 mL


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About This Product

Platinum Carbon Ink is the pioneering permanent ink for fountain pens. This deep black ink is made with extremely fine carbon black pigment, and once it's dry, it's not going anywhere. Soak your paper in water; scrub it with a brush; layer a bunch of paint on it. Carbon Ink won't lift or bleed into your colors. It won't smudge under your eraser, and it's completely lightfast.

Better yet, unlike other permanent inks, Carbon Ink is safe for fountain pens. Because of its small particle size, it flows almost as freely as a standard dye ink and won't damage your pen. (We do recommend regular pen flushes when using pigment ink, though, just to keep things running smoothly.)

Carbon Ink's 60 mL glass inkwell has a heavy base and a wide mouth for ease of use. Inside the cap, there's a very nice touch from Platinum's engineers: an inner chamber with a higher floor than the bottle. When the bottle's full, you may not even notice it, but when it's nearly empty, you'll be glad it's there. Flip over the closed bottle and the inner chamber fills with ink. Flip the bottle back over, open it, and you'll be able to get those last few drops with ease.

Made in Japan.