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About This Product

This lovely 19-well porcelain palette is the smoothest surface you'll find for watercolor mixing. Made by Schmincke, the historic German color house, this large palette has ten slanted wells that allow concentrated paint to sit at the top and diluted paint to collect at the bottom. It's a classic configuration that gives you complete control over your color saturation. In addition to the slant wells, there are nine smaller flat wells for mixing less prominent colors derived from your most important tones in the large wells.

Mixing on porcelain is always a great experience because your paint spreads and shows its true colors, rather than beading up and looking unrealistically dark, like it would on plastic. And porcelain is especially nice when it's as thickly glazed and glossy as Schmincke's signature palette.

The Schmincke logo is pressed into the top of the palette, between the small wells. In a pinch, you can use it as a twentieth mixing area.

Made in Germany.