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Tombow's MONO KM-KKS Calligraphy Pencil is so soft and dark that Japanese students can use it to practice their lettering. The extra-wide 6B lead sharpens to a fine, strong point, so you can seamlessly transition between thick and thin marks.

We love this style of pencil (called kouhitsu shosha in Japanese) for drawing, because it combines the line variability of a stiff brush pen with the erasability and ease of use of a pencil. Tombow's version is excellent; you'll quickly be laying down bold, expressive marks with this pencil.

With this 4B Calligraphy Pencil, there's also the option of using it for general writing, especially for short notes and elegant letters. Although you'll do more sharpening than you would with a normal pencil, the marks are gorgeous and lend themselves to flowing cursive.

We also stock the 4B Calligraphy Pencil in a box of 12.

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